Friday, March 28, 2008

a jet lag manual

Hilton LHROn the day that Heathrow’s T5 opens and promptly grinds to a halt (yesterday), I am happy to be booked into a hotel (LHR Hilton - left) for the night, and flying out of pooey old T1 to Helsinki (today) – least there’s a chance my flight will leave (though maybe not on time, and as for my luggage…). Whatever, I am wondering how many people regularly travel through multiple time-zones and who would find pleasure in something to wile away demonic insomnia. No, I’m not peddling cures or palliatives as there’s a clutter of these in the travellers’ world already.

Our bodies are locked into a rigid daily cycle and jetlag is simply failure to adapt to a different time-zone, whether this be caused by daylight-saving or long-haul flying. Basically we are not designed for time-travel - so why bother fighting its effects? You can’t tamper with time, but you can have a better time of it…

Wouldn’t it be great to put together a tried and tested collection of activities that people actually find help them through the night.

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deeper said...

why did i click on the label insomnia and expect something else ?