Sunday, April 20, 2008

treacle toffee

Saturday 19th April 2008: Saskia cooked a Gordon F Ramsey dessert for us yesterday (the day before she was officially awarded her BSc(Hons) Mathematics and Computing). A sort of upside-down cheesecake. It was delicious, but one of its tastes worked so hard to take me back to what and when I couldn't be sure. Then it dawned on me, maybe better to say that it evening’d on me.

Instead of the normal biscuit/butter base, this cheesecake had a crumbly toffee topping. There was something in the cooked sugar that kicked-in a tastebud memory of my grandmother’s bonfire night black treacle toffee. I don't have her recipe as I never saw her make it.

The photo is of my grandmother and her son, c 1914...

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